About Pegasi Energy Systems

Our company, Pegasi Energy Systems Private Limited was established in 2020 with its registered office at Navi Mumbai. We aim to bring innovations in design and manufacture of high energy density rechargeable batteries and energy efficient electrical appliances. Using latest state-of-the-art technology, we are presently developing metal ion batteries for electric vehicles and home use which have about three times higher energy density than the traditional and toxic lead-acid batteries. In addition, our batteries are better alternative to Lithium ion batteries as these are low cost, extremely safe and environment friendly since they are aqueous batteries having water in electrolyte and they don’t contain toxic cobalt.

On the other front of developing energy efficient electrical appliances, we have already developed a Oven-Toaster-Griller (OTG) which saves about 50% of electricity consumed by a traditional OTG available in market. At present, we are at the stage of commercial production of these OTG and very soon it will be available in the market. We are also taking orders for custom made energy efficient industrial ovens as per requirement of the users.

Energy storage and energy saving technology being the key to both financial progress of the society and conservation of environment, we have started our journey to contribute in this field.