Our Technology

Our aqueous Metal-Ion battery uses ion-intercalation mechanism in cathode to store charges as a result of which its stored energy density is much more (about three times) than the energy density of conventional lead-acid batteries. Its electrical performance in terms of both energy density and life is nearly same as Li-ion batteries. But, its cost is much lower as it doesn’t use Lithium which is scarce on earth’s crust. Our Metal-Ion battery is also extremely safe as compared to Li-Ion battery as Lithium explodes on coming in contact with air/water whereas metal we choose is safe in air (Our battery contains water inside it). Finally, our Metal-Ion battery is far more environment friendly than lead-acid and Li-Ion batteries that contain toxic Lead and Cobalt respectively. The proto-type of our Metal-Ion battery is currently under development and very soon it will be made commercially available in the market.

We are also working towards making the electrical (home/industrial) ovens energy efficient. To achieve this objective, we minimize the unwanted heat loss from the oven to the environment by better thermal engineering and / or using nano-material based thermal insulations. As a result of this, heat cannot easily escape from the oven and so the oven demands less electrical energy from the power supply to maintain same temperature. Thus, about 50% of electricity consumption is saved in ovens designed and manufactured by us.