Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the frequently asked questions to clear your doubts about the new energy storage devices and energy efficient products.

What are the typical characteristics of Metal-Ion battery manufactured by your company?

Typical voltage of a Metal-Ion cell is 1.2 V to 1.6 V and a battery pack (containing multiple cells) is designed to have an output of ~ 12 V. Energy density of the battery is about 140 W-h/kg. Total life is about 3000 cycles to 5000 cycles.

How do you make the appliances such as ovens energy efficient?

Out of the total energy consumed by anoven (OTG) used in home, only a small part is used in cooking and the major part goes to environment in the form of heat by conduction, convection and radiation. To stop this wastage of energy, we tactfully design the heat shields and use best thermal insulations available in the world so that heat cannot easily escape from the oven. Thus, the oven demands less electrical energy from the power supply to maintain same temperature and electricity is saved.

Any Certification available like stars?

We are in the process of applying for certifications from Bureau of Energy efficiency for energy star ratings.

Who will install the the product ?

Home appliances like OTG has been designed in a very user-friendly manner and customer can directly use the product after reading the product manuals. For installation of commercial ovens and battery banks, we have a dedicated team of engineers and technicians who will come to the site and install the product.

What about warranty ?

Every product manufactured by us comes with a warranty of 1 year. The customer can call us at the phone number given in Contact us to clarify any doubt or for after sales service of appliances.


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